Welcome to Sacred In You, dedicated to creating celebrations and rituals to honor important events in life

We want to give you the tools and information you need to create your own ceremonies as a way to honor the sacred in all of us. You may use these rituals for loved ones, friends or yourselves, for one person or for many. We'll show you how to create personal, meaningful, powerful rituals that you and your loved ones may use to strengthen your connections with the sacredness in life. We honor the universal sacredness that exists in you and in all of life, so everyone from all religious traditions or philosophical beliefs may perform these rituals. 

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Who are we?

Alan Cyr, is a software engineer by profession and an Aikidoist at heart, who, along with his spouse, Rev. Diana Hunter, have created sacred ceremonies for themselves, their friends, and loved ones since 1992.

Diana Hunter, is a spiritual holistic healer by profession and a philosopher at heart, who has created sacred ceremonies for herself and others since 1985, beginning with her work as a Christian minister.

"Worship was always my favorite part of ministry," Rev. Hunter, a former ...more