Pets Passing Intro

Submitted by thesacredinyou on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 18:58

Sacred Ceremony for Pets Nearing the End of Life

evening with pet on beach

This ceremony is for you and your pets, and supports and guides you during the time approaching the end of your animal companion's life.

We recommend using this ceremony when:

  • Your pet is winding down, you have decisions to make about healthcare, and you would like to honor, and be in agreement, with your pet's wishes.
  • Your animal is suffering and you are having a difficult time letting go.
  • You and your animal companion would like emotional closure as found in a formal "thank you" and "good-bye".
  • You are open to the assistance of pets and people who have already passed over, who can ease your pet's transition to the other side.

In general, this ceremony gives you the tools to confidently work through issues that come up as your pet nears the end of life.



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