Many people have found these ceremonies & rituals helpful. Here are a few:


House Blessing Ceremony

Thank you so much for the beautiful house blessing you did for us. The words were beautiful and uplifting, the structure of the ceremony was clear, logical and the structure itself seemed to resonate with a high vibration. It had a powerful effect, I felt  a shift in energy, it felt lighter, happier, clearer. I feel better about  the future knowing that old unneeded energies are cleared and the place we call home is resonating with the best possible vibrations. JD was also positively affected by the ceremony. Thanks soooo much, Love L

I just got home and had to write you this. Here is proof your house blessing worked. In the 20+ years we've lived in this house I think I have only seen a snake once on our property. As we were going out today JD went to pick up the mail from our mailbox and guess who was in there? A garden snake. Coincidence? Not.

Chalk this up to the power of your ritual.

Love to both of you, L, JD, the cats and the snakes.

A homeowner with her house up for sale was discouraged by lack of potential buyers. She asked me to perform a house cleansing and blessing.  As we ended the ceremony, the homeowner walked out her front door as a small black and orange butterfly appeared next to her.  It paused for a moment, then flew off on a breeze into the east (the ceremonial direction of new beginnings, as well as the wind). We both felt this was a confirmation of our connection to a greater whole. It was a powerful reassurance that all was as it should be.
A few days later, this is what she reported,"I felt like I took a deep breath. I was surprised because I wasn't aware I was carrying something heavy, until it was gone.  The dread is gone.  My heart is lighter.  I feel better. There will be movement."  A few days later, she told me that she realized she had another option; she decided to rent her home until a buyer with a good offer appeared.
She had this to say about ceremonies, shamanic healing, and other sacred rituals we had done together. "I always feel better after our sessions. I feel like my body/spirit is more embodied in me."

- S S, S M A, Mexico


Separation Ritual

This is a powerful ceremony. Thank you. - M